2019 Common Election results

For 2 parent representatives

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Successful representatives
Will Eastgate
Craig Hughes

We therefore declare the following duly elected:

Mr Will Eastgate and Craig Hughes.

Meet your representatives


Will Eastgate

My name is Will Eastgate and I am standing for the Huapai District School Board. Since moving into the area after a period of time overseas, and my son Lucas starting at Huapai last year I have developed a passion for the school and community. As a family we have fully embraced the "Huapai Way". I believe the schools vision and how it strives for each child to "be the best they can be" is worth protecting, and I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to contribute to ensure that the schools vision is carried on for future generations. I am a health and safety professional and believe I can add value in not only enhancing the health and safety of our children, but ensuring the the health, safety and wellbeing of our schools staff is paramount as well. If we look after our staff they will be in a better position to look after our children to bring the best out in them. I regularly attend board meetings in my professional role, and have a detailed understanding of governance roles and what they entail. My wife is also currently a member of the Huapai Family Network and is actively involved in fundraising activities for the school. By voting for me, you will be ensuring that you have a dedicated parent and professional who has a passion for the school and has the best interests of the school, children and staff at heart.

Craig Hughes

My name is Craig Hughes and I am standing for the Huapai District School Board.

I am a current Board Member seeking re-election.

I was elected to the board part way through last year and can see that the board is working with leadership team for the betterment of the children and staff.

Since taking up my position on the board, the board has supported the school in the introduction of the new school values system, which is evident visually around the school grounds.

With the development of the new school across the highway, and vast subdivision within the school zone, our school community is changing. Currently the board is supporting the leadership team and staff with managing the changes within the school and sustaining their systems and values.

I am the father of a Year 5 student who has attended HDS since her 5th birthday. We have lived locally for 21 years and are extremely proud to call this area our home.

Our family has a vested interest in education and the Huapai District School community. My wife being an educator and I am a current serving Police Officer of 28 years. The last 21 years of my career in the Police, has been spent on the Police Maritime Unit.

This role has a major emphasis on educating New Zealanders on safety on and around our water, liaising with other outside agencies and persons. I also have experience with strategic planning, budget development, personnel training and project management through my current Police role.

I look forward to continuing to serve the School on the board, supporting the leadership team and staff to develop the school, as the school of choice for our community.

This will create a school which promotes the belief that your child is; ‘the best they can be’.

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